Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introducing my boy

This is Tristan Lee Angle. He is such a good boy and we love having him. He is 5 months old and loves to get around. He doesn't crawl yet, but can roll and scoot backwards. That seems to get him to any place he wants. He loves to sit and hang out with his dad when he gets home from work. The two of them look so much a like it is amazing. While he does like just like his dad there are some of my features that he has also, when we find them we will let you know. So far he has my face shape and neck. Some say my nose. He changes everyday and is well on his way to being a friendly giant like his dad. I love my boys.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A very scary night

I will be the first person to admit that I am a little scared of the dark. But after Halloween night most will say that I have a good reason for my fear. We had a great evening with different carnivals and trunk or treats to go to. We were always with friends and family. The spirit was never far from us. All and all we were very happy and tired when it came time to sleep. We got ready and went to bed. At about 12:00 I heard some noise coming from Tristan's room. Nothing unusual at all. He does flips in his crib while he is asleep I am convinced. I checked it out and everything was good so I went back to sleep. At 2:00 I was awakened by a loud crashing noise and it made me scream with as much force as I could. In the same instance Matt jumped out of bed and ran towards the door. It makes me laugh now to think of him running with his arms flailing in the air. He says that he was running with one hand in front and the other ready to hit whom ever was in his way. Once he reached the door I flipped the light on. There was no one in the room with us but he saw that the clock was on the floor. He pushed the clock to the side and got back in bed. About 5 min. later I asked Matt if he was still awake. He was, so I asked if he was scared and he said that he felt like there was someone who was trying to break in. So he walked the house to make sure it was all good. When he got back in the room we tried to go to sleep. At 3:00 both of us were still wide awake. So Matt went to go check the garage and he found that one of the doors that he thought he shut was open. It could have been that Matt didn't that night but thought that he did or it didn't latch all the way and gradually opened on its own. The next morning Matt studied the nail and the hole in the clock and said that the only way It could have fallen is if it was pushed up then off of the nail. It is strange that that kind of thing could happen. But maybe it was a way to scare off anyone who might have been trying to break-in. Needless to say I slept on and off that night with the TV on.