Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Way to cute!

If you want to see cute look at my sisters blog!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introducing my boy

This is Tristan Lee Angle. He is such a good boy and we love having him. He is 5 months old and loves to get around. He doesn't crawl yet, but can roll and scoot backwards. That seems to get him to any place he wants. He loves to sit and hang out with his dad when he gets home from work. The two of them look so much a like it is amazing. While he does like just like his dad there are some of my features that he has also, when we find them we will let you know. So far he has my face shape and neck. Some say my nose. He changes everyday and is well on his way to being a friendly giant like his dad. I love my boys.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A very scary night

I will be the first person to admit that I am a little scared of the dark. But after Halloween night most will say that I have a good reason for my fear. We had a great evening with different carnivals and trunk or treats to go to. We were always with friends and family. The spirit was never far from us. All and all we were very happy and tired when it came time to sleep. We got ready and went to bed. At about 12:00 I heard some noise coming from Tristan's room. Nothing unusual at all. He does flips in his crib while he is asleep I am convinced. I checked it out and everything was good so I went back to sleep. At 2:00 I was awakened by a loud crashing noise and it made me scream with as much force as I could. In the same instance Matt jumped out of bed and ran towards the door. It makes me laugh now to think of him running with his arms flailing in the air. He says that he was running with one hand in front and the other ready to hit whom ever was in his way. Once he reached the door I flipped the light on. There was no one in the room with us but he saw that the clock was on the floor. He pushed the clock to the side and got back in bed. About 5 min. later I asked Matt if he was still awake. He was, so I asked if he was scared and he said that he felt like there was someone who was trying to break in. So he walked the house to make sure it was all good. When he got back in the room we tried to go to sleep. At 3:00 both of us were still wide awake. So Matt went to go check the garage and he found that one of the doors that he thought he shut was open. It could have been that Matt didn't that night but thought that he did or it didn't latch all the way and gradually opened on its own. The next morning Matt studied the nail and the hole in the clock and said that the only way It could have fallen is if it was pushed up then off of the nail. It is strange that that kind of thing could happen. But maybe it was a way to scare off anyone who might have been trying to break-in. Needless to say I slept on and off that night with the TV on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I got home after coloring my hair and tried everything in my power to get Matt to notice. NOTHING, I love the guy but he noticed nothing. I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have very dark hair so it doesn't show up very well. If i didn't get it myself I may have not noticed. I sure did not go lighter. I decided I wanted to know what he thought, so I told him. After a careful examination of my hair he said that it was red and purple. WHAT!!!! Purple, where did you get that? He thought that the black was purple. I guess it doesn't really matter cause my hair will always be in a ponytail.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time for a change

I am going to get my hair colored tonight. I will see if Matt notices. My hair is brown and I will add red and black to it. lets see what happens.


I know that it has been a looong time since I wrote last. But guess what, nothing has happened. Sure a lot of little things have been going on. Tristan got his first tooth. His second one is cutting now, poor little guy. I listened to the entire twilight saga on CD. I would never have finished it otherwise. After that I finished reading, yes reading the 4Th book of a saga by Anita Stansfield. I has inspired me. I have always had a big imagination and have had a lot of stories in my head. I am not a writer in the slightest and you may know that I can't spell very well. If you haven't noticed bad spelling that is because I keep a dictionary by the computer. All that aside I have decided to write a book. A short book but i assure you it will be filled with adventure and a little bit of romance. Cheesy romance that is. I am so excited. Stay tuned, I may finish it in a year or so. HA HA.

Friday, August 22, 2008

You don't think I can do it

As some of you may know I am trying to make Tristans room cute. I have a shelf that I painted and two frames that needed to have wall hangers put on the back so I can put them on the wall. As I sat on the floor to nail the microscopic nails in, Matt asks "Do you want me to do it?" Feeling inferior and defensive I say "You don't think I can do it?" His reply was safe " I just know it is hard." I told him I would do it and if I needed help I would ask him for it. There were 8 nails that needed to be nailed. After 20 min. and still being on the first nail I decided it was time to swallow my pride and ask him to nail them for me. Moral of the story, if my husband askes me if I want him to do it, I will let him and sit back and relax.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I got Tagged

I am: Trying to read more
I know: I talk to much
I want: Flat abbs
I have: The Hottest husband
I wish: I liked running
I hate: Stretch marks and scars
I miss: Sunday school
I fear: Something happening to my son
I feel: Happy
I hear: The AC
I smell: Nothing ( that is nothing new)
I crave: Top Roman (untill I eat it then think, Why was I craving this?)
I search: For that which is lost
I wonder: Who would play me in a movie about my life
I regret: nothing
I love: My boys
I care: About what others think of me
I always: Lock the doors
I am not: Perfect
I believe: My mistakes will only make me stronger
I dance: Like a maniac
I sing: All the time (I hope Matt doesn't mind)
I don’t always: Make the bed
I fight: Hardly and when I do it is Matts falt but I end up saying I am sorry
I write: Never, cause I do not like my handwritting
I lose: My mind
I win: ?
I never: Go to bed early
I listen: But I do not retain
I am scared: At night when I lay in bed
I need: To work out more
I am happy about: Life
I tag: Katie Corley

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He is so nice (or I am so sappy)

I have committed myself to running the Turkey Trot. Unfortunately my last pair of running shoes were banned to the trash, leaving me with a pair of cheap tennis shoes that are not built for running. As I was on my way to JCPenny to do some much needed shopping Matt called me and we made plans to meet at kohls later so both of us could get a pair of running shoes. After I had finished shopping and was on my way to Kohls it occured to me that I was wearing flip flops. Leaving me with no socks to try shoes on. I wanted to call Matt but he was already at the store. I figured that I could just use one of the disposable booties even though it would not be the same as a pair of socks, or buy a new pair. I looked around and there were three shoes that I liked and two possible shoe sizes that I wear. Matt helped me look for all of the sizes and styles of shoes that I wanted to try. As I went looking around for the booties (that they don't have) Matt said that he brought a pair of socks for me. I looked at him and just thought "You are the nicest man ever to think of my socks." It wasn't something big and elaborate. He just simply brought me a pair of socks, and I fell in love all over again!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I am not alone

I bet that title made you think that I was going to talk about something spiritual. I know we are never alone. But that is not what I was going to talk about. As I was sitting here at the computer I saw in the corner of my eye a little mouse. Was Speedy Gonzales a mouse? Cause that thing may be tiny but it was almost breaking the sound barrier. Now Lacy is barking in the garage. I wonder if our friend paid her a visit. Makes you wonder. I think my project for tomorrow will be to set up some traps.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to the gym I go!!

Today was my first day back to the gym. I took a yoga class, and boy let me tell you I was not prepared. I used to pride myself on my flexibility. But I have come to find out that I do not have a flexible muscle in my body anymore. After my one hour class, that felt like eternity I went and did a few of my favorite machines. I was on my last machine and I felt a little uneasy about doing it at times cause I could feel the guys in back of me looking at my bum. So I took a break and rested for a little bit. I was looking around and saw two girls walk by I noticed that one of the girls had a book that she was reading "twilight". As they passed by two guys on this machine that looks like an escalator. Both of the guys were staring and one of them missed the step. I didn't see exactly how he fell cause the machine covered it. I was concered until he stood up and I saw the grin on his face. At that time I saw that he was alright and I started to clap my hands and laugh at him. Oh it is times like those that I wish I had a video camera with me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It is about time

If you are reading this it means that I have posted something for the very first time. I have had a few failed attempts. My main problem, besides not knowing how to do this, is that I do not know what to talk about. I know, I know Candice doesn't have anything to say. Well, lets remember I have been married to Matt for a little over two years and I can see that I have mellowed (if that is how you spell it) out a little.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My First Blob

Candice is joining the blobbing world and still needs to play around with it to learn how it works. Posts will be coming soon!