Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I got home after coloring my hair and tried everything in my power to get Matt to notice. NOTHING, I love the guy but he noticed nothing. I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have very dark hair so it doesn't show up very well. If i didn't get it myself I may have not noticed. I sure did not go lighter. I decided I wanted to know what he thought, so I told him. After a careful examination of my hair he said that it was red and purple. WHAT!!!! Purple, where did you get that? He thought that the black was purple. I guess it doesn't really matter cause my hair will always be in a ponytail.


B. Surfer said...

hey, this is meesa elsberry. Saw you on kelly's blog. Thought i'd say hi. and i think your hair sounds really pretty. :-)

C Whetten said...

It won't be the first time that you do something and your spouse doesn't notice.

Cara said...

Oh Candice, I sooooo hear you on this. I got my hair cut and styled and I swear Sean said nothing!! I was so mad! Men never notice. ha ha Good thing we love them so much!