Monday, July 14, 2008

I am not alone

I bet that title made you think that I was going to talk about something spiritual. I know we are never alone. But that is not what I was going to talk about. As I was sitting here at the computer I saw in the corner of my eye a little mouse. Was Speedy Gonzales a mouse? Cause that thing may be tiny but it was almost breaking the sound barrier. Now Lacy is barking in the garage. I wonder if our friend paid her a visit. Makes you wonder. I think my project for tomorrow will be to set up some traps.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to the gym I go!!

Today was my first day back to the gym. I took a yoga class, and boy let me tell you I was not prepared. I used to pride myself on my flexibility. But I have come to find out that I do not have a flexible muscle in my body anymore. After my one hour class, that felt like eternity I went and did a few of my favorite machines. I was on my last machine and I felt a little uneasy about doing it at times cause I could feel the guys in back of me looking at my bum. So I took a break and rested for a little bit. I was looking around and saw two girls walk by I noticed that one of the girls had a book that she was reading "twilight". As they passed by two guys on this machine that looks like an escalator. Both of the guys were staring and one of them missed the step. I didn't see exactly how he fell cause the machine covered it. I was concered until he stood up and I saw the grin on his face. At that time I saw that he was alright and I started to clap my hands and laugh at him. Oh it is times like those that I wish I had a video camera with me.